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A Podcast about Movies! Produced by a group of friends who are movie obsessed =)

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    Our Anticipated Movies For Spring 2019

    We go through our most anticipated movies for the Spring Season 2019! As always we know that we haven't talked about every movie, and release dates can change at any point, but these are the movies that we are excited to potentially see in the coming months.

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    Captain Marvel

    We do a deep dive on our thoughts on the latest film in the MCU, Captain Marvel. While the movie was fine, it definitely has some issues or shortcomings that we dive into. At 29:40 we discuss some spoilers on what happened in Captain Marvel and how that might tie into the larger MCU so if you don't want 10 minutes of small spoilers, skip ahead to 40:00

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    Oscar Reactions & One Year Anniversary

    We utilize the doldrums of February to talk about our reactions to the 91st Academy Awards, and also celebrate our one year Podcast Anniversary discussing how our movie viewing habits have changed. We also have a big announcement that will change how the shows operates going forward!

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    Cold Pursuit and Fighting With My Family

    Bit of a slow week as we are waiting for major releases in March to start hitting. We are baffled by the shot for shot remake that is Cold Pursuit, but are pleased by the solid underdog story that is Fighting With My Family. Then while adding some new members to the Pyramid, we discuss movies that we could watch endlessly. Please email us at to let us know what movies are go to films for your rewatching pleasure.

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    And The 2019 Oscar Goes To ...

    Our panel of "experts" give you their thoughts on who will win the major awards at the 2019 Academy Awards, and the films that SHOULD win if they were in charge. We also talk about Bradley Cooper way too much. Please email us at for all your thoughts on the 2019 Oscars.

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    Post Vacation Catch-Up, Isn't It Romantic and Alita: Battle Angel

    After our vacation hiatus, our team of movie lovers is back and ready to review some films! Kristen talks through all of the films she watched on her own the past two weeks including Free Solo, The Upside, Velvet Buzzsaw and more. Afterwards we talk about our Valentine's Day group date to see Isn't It Romantic, and then the monumental disappointment that is Alita: Battle Angel.

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    Mortal Engines, Serenity Spoilercast and Oscar Nomination Reactions

    So I guess you could say we watched movies this week? Kristen lets us know about the baffling Mortal Engines, we go full SPOILERCAST on the new Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway film Serenity, and then we breakdown the surprises and the snubs from the Oscar Nominations.

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    Predictions for the 92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    Awards season is upon us, and we have opinions on what we think will get nominated at the 92nd annual Academy Awards. This was a tough exercise in that our hearts want very different things than what the Academy usually nominates. All three of us made predictions for various categories and we walk you through what we agreed on as a group, and where we differed and what our thought process was. Listen to this before the nominations are announced to get ready, or listen after the nominations are announced to see how many we got wrong.

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    Destroyer, Glass and Suspiria

    A snow storm tried to derail our podcast recording this week, but nothing gets in the way of telling our fine listeners about movies! This week Kristen gives us the low-down on the Nicole Kidman revenge story Destroyer, we ride the roller coaster of quality that is Glass, and then we all watched the 2018 "remake" of Suspiria which just has a lovely cult in it. All that, more inductions into the Pyramid and so much more!

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    Replicas, Bird Box and Golden Globes Reactions

    We've hit the desolate, barren tundra that is January movies, but we pressed on anyways! This week we see Keanu Reeves spit ludicrous techno-babble at us with Replicas, discuss the cultural phenomenon that is Bird Box, and discuss Bradley Cooper's awful suit and Rami Malek trying to get Nicole Kidman's attention at the Golden Globes.

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