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A Podcast about Movies! Produced by a group of friends who are movie obsessed =)

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    If Beale Street Could Talk and Escape Room

    It's the first week of 2019 so we decide to catch up on films from 2018! We talk about the heavy but beautifully done If Beale Street Could Talk, the next film from acclaimed director Barry Jenkins who last did Moonlight. To lighten the mood up, we get together in a small theater and see the horror / thriller film Escape Room which is fantastic and exactly what you think it is.

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    2018 Personal Awards (Part 2)

    We spent a lot of time in our first part of the 2018 Personal Awards, crapping on a lot of really poor films and trends. This time around though, we really want to highlight all the best films that we saw and some of the greatest coincidences that we noticed. This episode we give out our awards for: 2018 Coincidence Award, Best Trailer, Best Pantsuit, Best Performance, Worst Movie, Top 10 Movies of the Year, Best Movie

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    2018 Personal Awards (Part 1)

    It's the first day of 2019 so let's talk about all the best and worst movies from 2018. This episode we give out our awards for: Old Movie of the Year, Most Overhyped, Biggest Waste of Technology, Best Surprise, Worst Surprise, 2nd Annual Sam Worthington Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Mediocrity

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    Aquaman and Vice

    Last podcast of the year! Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful 2018 of lots of movies and fun. We ring in the new year by taking a deep dive with Aquaman, and get our political hands dirty with Vice.

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    Roma and Welcome to Marwen

    To all those who celebrate, Merry Christmas! Our gift to you today is we review one of the best movies of the year, and one of the worst. Lucky you! Hear our glowing thoughts on the Alfonso Cuaron directed look at his childhood, Roma, and our outright disgust on how Welcome to Marwen misses the point.

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    Creed II and Mary Poppins Returns

    We review two nostalgia filled movies this week that are attempting to continue the stories setup years before hand. We train hard with the latest film in the Rocky mythology with Creed II, and we take a magic fueled ride through London with Mary Poppins Returns. We will have ANOTHER episode this week as we will release our reviews of Roma and Welcome to Marwen on Christmas Day so be sure to be on the look out!

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    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Favourite and The Mule

    Reunited with the movie theater and it feels so good! This week we can't contain our excitement for Into the Spider-Verse, The Favourite is hilarious, and The Mule leaves our Eastwood historian Kristen feeling sad and disappointed. We also talk about the SAG award nominations and induct some high profile people into the Pyramid!

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    Hot Takes on the 2019 Golden Globes Nominations

    Nominations for the 2019 Golden Globes were just announced and with them, awards season has begun! Our expert team of movie watchers gather to discuss all the things we liked, hated, what got snubbed, and how the Academy Awards may try to course correct in a few weeks.

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    9 Films to Watch this Holiday Season

    No matter what you celebrate, we have 9 different movies for you to enjoy this holiday season! Listen in as our resident group of cheery film elves discuss outdoor illumination, going out to the coast for a few laughs, and the magic of the Shane Black hat trick.

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    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - SPOILERCAST

    Our group of aurors, muggles and dark wizards convene so that we can talk about everything from the new Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald. Listen in as we discuss what works and what didn't in this latest entry in the Warner Brothers Wizarding World series. It's in the title but please note that this entire podcast features SPOILERS about the film so please be aware of it before you listen in.

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