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A Podcast about Movies! Produced by a group of friends who are movie obsessed =)

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    The Old Man & the Gun and Bad Times at the El Royale

    Our intrepid group of movie fanatics discuss the unfortunate nature of First Man getting buried by the Venom / Star is Born hype. They then move on to review the delightfully well crafted The Old Man & the Gun with Robert Redford, and then the good but slightly missing the mark Bad Times at the El Royale. As always, the group then finishes up the podcast by inducting Robert Redford and Jeff Bridges into the acting Pyramid.

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    First Man, A Star is Born, Venom and The Sisters Brothers

    What a week for movies! In addition to us talking about going to a different movie theater and all the weirdness that brings, we talk about the riveting First Man, the stellar A Star is Born, the over the top campiness of Venom, and then Kristen gives us her positive impressions on The Sisters Brothers.

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    Life Itself, Hellfest, and Colette

    After a few minutes of trying to avoid the topic, Joey & Kristen share their many disappointments with Life Itself. Seriously, don't go see this movie. After that they gush about how much fun Hellfest was, and give a glowing review of the stellar Colette.

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    The Wife, A Simple Favor, White Boy Rick, and The Predator

    Kristen reports on the Glenn Close acting tour de force that is The Wife, the style of A Simple Favor is off the charts but the ending needs some work, White Boy Rick might be the most disappointing movie of the year, and The Predator is a fun action movie romp!

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    Peppermint, The Nun, and A Prayer Before Dawn

    It's one of the last slow movie weekends of the year before we enter the mad dash leading to Oscar season. This week we go see the Jennifer Garner revenge film Peppermint, the jump scares of The Nun, and the brutality of A Prayer Before Dawn. We also induct a ton of people into the Pyramid, and unveil our new review system!

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    Alpha, A-X-L, Papillon, Operation Finale, Searching and American Animals

    We're back from vacation and we have a ton of movies to discuss! Joe gives us the low-down on the surprising Alpha, and the down right awful A-X-L. Kristen is super confused as to why this Papillon remake had to exist. As a group we think Operation Finale is just fine, Searching is fantastic, and then Katie & Joe think American Animals is supremely great and unique.

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    Slender Man, Mile 22 and Crazy Rich Asians

    We said we were going to be on vacation, but we found some time to watch movies! Joey gives us the lowdown on the awful Slender Man film, Kristen is deeply disappointed with Mile 22, and the group goes through the really fun Crazy Rich Asians.

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    Christopher Robin, BlackkKlansman, The Meg, and Hot Summer Nights

    Katie gets really upset with Christopher Robin, we give our thoughts on the heavy BlackkKlansman, Kristen gushes about the campy fun of The Meg, and Katie & Joe discuss the average-ness that is Hot Summer Nights. We also discuss recent changes to the Academy Awards, the latest update to MoviePass, and also induct some new members to the Pyramid.

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