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    Mortal Engines, Serenity Spoilercast and Oscar Nomination Reactions

    So I guess you could say we watched movies this week? Kristen lets us know about the baffling Mortal Engines, we go full SPOILERCAST on the new Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway film Serenity, and then we breakdown the surprises and the snubs from the Oscar Nominations.

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    Predictions for the 92nd Academy Awards Nominations

    Awards season is upon us, and we have opinions on what we think will get nominated at the 92nd annual Academy Awards. This was a tough exercise in that our hearts want very different things than what the Academy usually nominates. All three of us made predictions for various categories and we walk you through what we agreed on as a group, and where we differed and what our thought process was. Listen to this before the nominations are announced to get ready, or listen after the nominations are announced to see how many we got wrong.

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    Destroyer, Glass and Suspiria

    A snow storm tried to derail our podcast recording this week, but nothing gets in the way of telling our fine listeners about movies! This week Kristen gives us the low-down on the Nicole Kidman revenge story Destroyer, we ride the roller coaster of quality that is Glass, and then we all watched the 2018 "remake" of Suspiria which just has a lovely cult in it. All that, more inductions into the Pyramid and so much more!

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    Replicas, Bird Box and Golden Globes Reactions

    We've hit the desolate, barren tundra that is January movies, but we pressed on anyways! This week we see Keanu Reeves spit ludicrous techno-babble at us with Replicas, discuss the cultural phenomenon that is Bird Box, and discuss Bradley Cooper's awful suit and Rami Malek trying to get Nicole Kidman's attention at the Golden Globes.

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    If Beale Street Could Talk and Escape Room

    It's the first week of 2019 so we decide to catch up on films from 2018! We talk about the heavy but beautifully done If Beale Street Could Talk, the next film from acclaimed director Barry Jenkins who last did Moonlight. To lighten the mood up, we get together in a small theater and see the horror / thriller film Escape Room which is fantastic and exactly what you think it is.

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    2018 Personal Awards (Part 2)

    We spent a lot of time in our first part of the 2018 Personal Awards, crapping on a lot of really poor films and trends. This time around though, we really want to highlight all the best films that we saw and some of the greatest coincidences that we noticed. This episode we give out our awards for: 2018 Coincidence Award, Best Trailer, Best Pantsuit, Best Performance, Worst Movie, Top 10 Movies of the Year, Best Movie

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    2018 Personal Awards (Part 1)

    It's the first day of 2019 so let's talk about all the best and worst movies from 2018. This episode we give out our awards for: Old Movie of the Year, Most Overhyped, Biggest Waste of Technology, Best Surprise, Worst Surprise, 2nd Annual Sam Worthington Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Mediocrity

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    Aquaman and Vice

    Last podcast of the year! Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful 2018 of lots of movies and fun. We ring in the new year by taking a deep dive with Aquaman, and get our political hands dirty with Vice.

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    Roma and Welcome to Marwen

    To all those who celebrate, Merry Christmas! Our gift to you today is we review one of the best movies of the year, and one of the worst. Lucky you! Hear our glowing thoughts on the Alfonso Cuaron directed look at his childhood, Roma, and our outright disgust on how Welcome to Marwen misses the point.

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    Creed II and Mary Poppins Returns

    We review two nostalgia filled movies this week that are attempting to continue the stories setup years before hand. We train hard with the latest film in the Rocky mythology with Creed II, and we take a magic fueled ride through London with Mary Poppins Returns. We will have ANOTHER episode this week as we will release our reviews of Roma and Welcome to Marwen on Christmas Day so be sure to be on the look out!

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    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The Favourite and The Mule

    Reunited with the movie theater and it feels so good! This week we can't contain our excitement for Into the Spider-Verse, The Favourite is hilarious, and The Mule leaves our Eastwood historian Kristen feeling sad and disappointed. We also talk about the SAG award nominations and induct some high profile people into the Pyramid!

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    Hot Takes on the 2019 Golden Globes Nominations

    Nominations for the 2019 Golden Globes were just announced and with them, awards season has begun! Our expert team of movie watchers gather to discuss all the things we liked, hated, what got snubbed, and how the Academy Awards may try to course correct in a few weeks.

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    9 Films to Watch this Holiday Season

    No matter what you celebrate, we have 9 different movies for you to enjoy this holiday season! Listen in as our resident group of cheery film elves discuss outdoor illumination, going out to the coast for a few laughs, and the magic of the Shane Black hat trick.

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    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - SPOILERCAST

    Our group of aurors, muggles and dark wizards convene so that we can talk about everything from the new Fantastic Beasts film, The Crimes of Grindelwald. Listen in as we discuss what works and what didn't in this latest entry in the Warner Brothers Wizarding World series. It's in the title but please note that this entire podcast features SPOILERS about the film so please be aware of it before you listen in.

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    Boy Erased, The Front Runner, Robin Hood and Green Book

    We somehow survived the insanity that was the Thanksgiving weekend, and we even saw some movies to boot! Our group discusses the beautifully made and acted Boy Erased, the solid but lacking The Front Runner, the baffling Robin Hood, and then finally rave about the sure-fire Oscar contender Green Book.

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    The Grinch, Widows and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

    It's a mad dash for movie studios to get their movies out and we're trying our best to stay up to date. This week we get into the holiday spirit with The Grinch, impressed with the stellar craftsmanship of Widows, and are perplexed by the very uneven Crimes of Grindelwald.

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    Wildlife, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, and Overlord

    We saw two fantastic films and a disappointing movie this week, and it's probably not the one you think! Kristen joins Joe for his Mediocre Monday Movie this week with the disjointed Wildlife, the gang can't stop gushing about how wonderful Can You Ever Forgive Me is, and finally the group can't stop looking away from all the gushing blood and gore from the high octane Overlord.

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    Mid90s and Bohemian Rhapsody

    This week we discuss advanced line cutting techniques when trying to get your movie concessions, gush about Jonah Hill's stellar film Mid90s, and try to make sense of our feelings around the well acted but completely sensationalized Bohemian Rhapsody.

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    Hunter Killer and Beautiful Boy

    The end of October brings us Halloween, submarines and films about addiction! This week we discuss the fun of Gerard Butler in Hunter Killer, and the well acted but mediocre Beautiful Boy. We then give you a few of our favorite horror movies to watch on this upcoming spooky Halloween night.

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    The Hate U Give and Halloween

    When we aren't seeing movies, we are enjoying the process of reading 1-Star Reviews about Movie Theaters and Cruises. After that though, we discuss how impressed we were with the hard hitting but masterfully done The Hate U Give. While the box office was buzzing about the return of Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, we were a little less enthralled with the quality and just how safe they played it. At least John Carpenter's music was still stellar! Finally, we finish off the episode by inducting Common and Jamie Lee into our acting Pyramid.

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    The Old Man & the Gun and Bad Times at the El Royale

    Our intrepid group of movie fanatics discuss the unfortunate nature of First Man getting buried by the Venom / Star is Born hype. They then move on to review the delightfully well crafted The Old Man & the Gun with Robert Redford, and then the good but slightly missing the mark Bad Times at the El Royale. As always, the group then finishes up the podcast by inducting Robert Redford and Jeff Bridges into the acting Pyramid.

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    First Man, A Star is Born, Venom and The Sisters Brothers

    What a week for movies! In addition to us talking about going to a different movie theater and all the weirdness that brings, we talk about the riveting First Man, the stellar A Star is Born, the over the top campiness of Venom, and then Kristen gives us her positive impressions on The Sisters Brothers.

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    Life Itself, Hellfest, and Colette

    After a few minutes of trying to avoid the topic, Joey & Kristen share their many disappointments with Life Itself. Seriously, don't go see this movie. After that they gush about how much fun Hellfest was, and give a glowing review of the stellar Colette.

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    The Wife, A Simple Favor, White Boy Rick, and The Predator

    Kristen reports on the Glenn Close acting tour de force that is The Wife, the style of A Simple Favor is off the charts but the ending needs some work, White Boy Rick might be the most disappointing movie of the year, and The Predator is a fun action movie romp!

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    Peppermint, The Nun, and A Prayer Before Dawn

    It's one of the last slow movie weekends of the year before we enter the mad dash leading to Oscar season. This week we go see the Jennifer Garner revenge film Peppermint, the jump scares of The Nun, and the brutality of A Prayer Before Dawn. We also induct a ton of people into the Pyramid, and unveil our new review system!

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    Alpha, A-X-L, Papillon, Operation Finale, Searching and American Animals

    We're back from vacation and we have a ton of movies to discuss! Joe gives us the low-down on the surprising Alpha, and the down right awful A-X-L. Kristen is super confused as to why this Papillon remake had to exist. As a group we think Operation Finale is just fine, Searching is fantastic, and then Katie & Joe think American Animals is supremely great and unique.

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    Slender Man, Mile 22 and Crazy Rich Asians

    We said we were going to be on vacation, but we found some time to watch movies! Joey gives us the lowdown on the awful Slender Man film, Kristen is deeply disappointed with Mile 22, and the group goes through the really fun Crazy Rich Asians.

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    Christopher Robin, BlackkKlansman, The Meg, and Hot Summer Nights

    Katie gets really upset with Christopher Robin, we give our thoughts on the heavy BlackkKlansman, Kristen gushes about the campy fun of The Meg, and Katie & Joe discuss the average-ness that is Hot Summer Nights. We also discuss recent changes to the Academy Awards, the latest update to MoviePass, and also induct some new members to the Pyramid.

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    Top 5 of 2018 ... So Far

    We talk about our Top 5 Movies of 2018 so far. Will be interesting to see what movies stay on the list by the end of the year, and what new movies join the fray!

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    Teen Titans, The Spy Who Dumped Me, and Eighth Grade

    We tell you all about the delightful fun of Teen Titans Go to the Movies, the hilarious and surprising action of The Spy Who Dumped Me, and the well crafted but supreme awkwardness of Eighth Grade.

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    Our Anticipated Movies of Fall 2018

    We go over all the movies that we are excited, and not so excited, for this upcoming August, September and October!

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    Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, Blindspotting, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and Tom Cruise Classics

    This week we talk about 3 stellar movies! First up is the fantastic Joaquin Phoenix / Jonah Hill Oscar showpiece Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot. We then move over to the expertly crafted Blindspotting written by childhood friends where the town of Oakland takes center stage. Finishing up the week, we talk about the Mission: Impossible - Fallout which may very well be one of the best action movies ever filmed! Just as a bonus, we give you 9 of our favorite Tom Cruise movies that you should go out and watch immediately if you haven't already.

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    Leave No Trace, Mamma Mia! 2, The Equalizer 2, and Unfriended: Dark Web

    What a week for movies! After a brief update on how widespread the MoviePass Surge Pricing is, we give our thoughts on the subdued Leave No Trace, the very loud and fun Mamma Mia! 2, the disappointing Equalizer 2, and the thrilling and entertaining Unfriended: Dark Web.

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    MoviePass Surge Pricing, Sorry to Bother You, and Skyscraper

    Katie and Joe talk about how MoviePass surge pricing made them cancel and move to the AMC A-List. After giving another story of weird adventures at the concession stand, our group reviews the surreal but stellar Sorry to Bother You, and the NOT ORIGINAL Skyscraper.

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    The Rider, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and The First Purge

    We survived the intense heat of July 4th and bring you our thoughts on the critically acclaimed indie film The Rider, the hilarious big budget superhero movie Ant-Man and the Wasp, and the disappointment with The First Purge.

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    9 Films to Watch on July 4th

    Our expert team of movie watchers come up with a stellar list of 9 films you can watch this July 4th holiday!

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    Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Hearts Beat Loud, and Uncle Drew

    We saw a bunch of movies this week, despite busy schedules and work trips. The group goes over their thoughts on Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Kristen gives us here positive thoughts on Hearts Beat Loud, and then Joe raves about Won't You Be My Neighbor and Uncle Drew. Please note we forgot to nominate people to the Pyramid, so we'll do that next week on the next episode!

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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Gotti, AMC & MoviePass

    This week we discuss how fun the Dinosaurs of Jurassic World were, how frustrating Travolta's Gotti is, and break down what AMC entering the movie subscription business will mean for MoviePass.

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    The Pyramid

    After taste testing some weird flavors of Twizzlers, our group explains our new Podcast feature, The Pyramid where we rank actors into 5 different categories! Also any mentions of a video to go watch, unfortunately we had some technical issues so the livestream we did was lost. We'll have those issues ironed out for next time.

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    Drive-In Theaters, Hotel Artemis, Incredibles 2, and TAG

    We took a field trip to take Kristen to her first Drive-In Movie Theater experience and we have the full report on all the craziness that ensued. We also have our takes on Hotel Artemis, Incredibles 2, and TAG!

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    Hereditary, First Reformed, Ocean's 8, and Adrift

    It's June 2018 and a ton of movies are hitting the theaters! We discuss the spooky Hereditary, strong Oscar contender in First Reformed, the non-stop fun of Ocean's 8, and Adrift that misses the mark a bit.

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    Solo, Upgrade, Big Budget vs Indie Films, Best F(r)iends, and Action Point

    Full slate of movies to talk about this week. We discuss the mediocrity of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the awesomeness of Upgrade, our conflicting response to Best F(r)iends Volume 2, and Action Point as well. In addition, we try and figure out what is better for the industry, big budget blockbusters, or giving more filmmakers a chance with smaller budget indie films.

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    9 Films to Watch on Memorial Day

    Our expert team of movie watchers come up with a stellar list of 9 films you can watch this Memorial Day holiday!

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    Avengers: Infinity War Spoilercast

    SPOILERS!!! We talk all about Avengers: Infinity War and go over our thoughts on Thanos, our favorite character arcs, the best teams that got set up and our theories on what's going to happen in the next Avengers film.

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    Bad Samaritan, Tully & Movie Moms

    Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms out there that took us to the movies! This week we discuss going fully David Tennant in Bad Samaritan, our differing views on the film Tully, and some of the best and worst Movie Moms that we can remember.

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    Our Anticipated Movies Summer 2018

    Our team of movie lovers go over the films that we are most excited about for Summer 2018, specifically from the months of May to July.

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    Avengers: Infinity War & Nine Superhero Questions

    Our group exclaims just how much they loved Avengers: Infinity War and give you their general thoughts. With this being a no spoilers episode though, they round out the rest of the time with nine superhero themed questions for the group to debate.

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    Blockers, Isle of Dogs, and Sgt Stubby

    We talk about all the animal movies this week ... sort of! I mean the poster for blockers has a chicken on it, that counts right?! Anyways we talk about [Chicken Picture] Blockers, Isle of Dogs on the weird Wes Anderson scale, and our surprise and delight with Sgt Stubby: An American Hero.

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    Rampage, A Quiet Place, and The Rock Scale

    Our intrepid team of Rockologists give you the scoop on Rampage, what the future holds for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and then discuss the bleak but fantastic nature of A Quiet Place

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    Films of New Orleans

    Joey, Katie and Kristen were all in New Orleans for the week on vacation, so they didn't have time to see any new films. So instead, here's a bonus episode where they discuss some cool films that take place in or around New Orleans. Enjoy!

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    Pacific Rim, Tomb Raider, and Go-To Films

    Another snow storm keeps us from seeing Ready Player One early, but that opens up the door for us to discuss Pacific Rim: Uprising, Tomb Raider, and our Go-To Films when we are stuck in the house.

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    The Hurricane Heist, Love Simon, and Hype Films

    In a surprising turn, this week we saw two great but very different movies! Our group talks about the high budget Sy Fy-esqe film, THE Hurricane Heist, a wonderful romantic film in Love, Simon, and then we finish up with movies that left us feeling pumped and hype after we watched them.

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    Annihilation, Red Sparrow & Spy Films

    While giving our thoughts on the new releases of Annihilation and Red Sparrow, we try to determine if we actually like spy movies at all.

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    And The 2018 Oscar Goes To ...

    Our panel of "experts" give you their thoughts on who will win the major awards at the 2018 Academy Awards, and the films that SHOULD win if they were in charge.

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    Jumanji, Black Panther & Anticipated Films of 2018

    Joey V, Katie & Kristen give their thoughts on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the success of Black Panther, and what films they are looking forward to the most for the rest of 2018.

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    2017 Personal Awards

    Joey V, Katie & Kristen start off the new podcast show with their personal 2017 awards for a bunch of categories that they made up!

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